About WCWW


Q: Where can I find info about events in our community?

A: Click here for the Calendar. There are events listed such as:  art classes, parades, fundraisers, banquets and more.

Videos are uploaded to the  CW25 Facebook.

Q: What can I do when I experience reception trouble with the station?

A: First try doing a channel scan. Using your TV remote control push Menu then select Auto Programming. This will take a few minutes. If this does not resolve the trouble we need to know the following:

Who is your provider or do you watch with an antenna?
Where do you live?
If you have an antenna, what is the brand name of your TV/digital converter box?
Are you having trouble with any other channels?

Email and tell us the problems you are experiencing.

Q: What cable/satellite providers carry The CW25?



DISH Network:  25

DirectTV:  25

MediaCom:  4

AT&T U-verse: 25

AT&T U-verse HD: 1025